How to get a Shared Shuttle from JFK Airport to Manhattan

What is a Shared Shuttle?

A Shared Shuttle is a ride that you share with other passengers going to the same neighborhood. You may share the ride with up to ten passengers and the shuttle bus will make multiple stops to let passengers off the shuttle In this section you will learn how to get a shared ride from JFK airport to Manhattan. Your destination can be a hotel or a residence.

Where can I find the Shared Shuttle?

If you have an existing reservation with one of the Shared Shuttle companies, once you collect your baggage and exit through customs (if you are an international passenger), proceed to the Welcome Center. All Welcome Centers are convenient located next to the baggage claim or outside the customs inspection for international flights. All the Welcome Centers are stuffed Airport Customer Experienced Specialist (ACES), which are authorized employees from the Customer Care department and they will be happy to assist you with your shared ride.

Give them you reservation number and the agent will check you and notify the company that you are ready for departure. When the agent will check you in, they will hand you a receipt. Keep this receipt and listen for your number. You will wait for your driver in the seating area in the Welcome Center. When your driver arrives, the ACES agent will introduce you to your driver.

If you don’t have a reservation, there is nothing to worry about. Tell the Airport Customer Experienced Specialist (ACES) your destination, and they will you the cost, make the reservation for you and give you a waiting time. Once the agent completes the reservation, they will give you a receipt with the reservation number. Make sure you keep the receipt until the end of your trip. The receipt has important information in case you run into any issues with your trip. You will wait for your driver in the seating area in the Welcome Center. When your driver arrives, the ACES agent will introduce you to your driver.

How much a Share Shuttle cost from JFK airport to Manhattan?

There are two companies that they are authorized by the Airport Authority to operate and pick up passengers in the airport. That is GO Airlink NYC and SuperShuttle. Both operators provide two different destination types. One is a hotel and the other is a residence. Both companies offer a ride to your Manhattan hotel for $21.78. If your destination is a residence, there is another price depending if your destination is in one of the three zones, downtown, midtown or uptown.

GO Airlink SuperShuttle
Hotel $21.78 $21.78
Downtown (22nd St – Battery Park) $30.49 $32.67
Midtown (23rd St – 63rd St) $25.04 $25.04
Uptown (64th St – 125th St) $25.04 $25.04

* Both companies give discounts for the second passenger when the destination is a residence. Ask the agent at the Welcome Center.
** The driver also might charge you a $0.75 for a congestion fee

All of the above pricing is when you make your reservation at the Welcome Center. Keep in mind that when you make your reservation at the Welcome Center, you will pay your driver when they come to pick you up. Drivers except cash and credit cards.
You may also want to make your reservation before starting your trip. Both companies offer online reservation systems that can assist you. For up to date pricing and booking information you can visit their web sites.

How long does it take?

The total travel time depends from the traffic conditions and the time of the day. In general there is a waiting time approximately 20 to 30 minutes for the driver to arrive for your pick up. During busy times, waiting time can be up to 40 minutes. After your driver will pick up, since this is a shared ride, the driver will make multiple stops picking up and dropping off passengers. You may be the first or the last stop on the trip. From the moment you make your reservation, your trip may take from 90 minutes up to two hours. That includes 30 minutes waiting time, 10 minutes picking up passengers, 60 minutes to Manhattan and another 10 minutes dropping off passengers.

Is the Shared Shuttle safe?

There are two companies that are authorized from the Airport Authority to provide shared rides to Manhattan. The Airport Authority performs regular inspections to ensure that the drivers are properly insured and the vehicles are safe. Moreover the companies perform a number of background checks to ensure that drivers fulfill all New York City and state regulations.

You may share the ride with up to ten passengers and that gives another layer of security. Even though the authorities do not track incidents that happen is shared rides, incidents are extremely seldom. Drivers are courteous and always assist passengers with their baggage and answer any questions.

Anything interesting on the road?

The route to Manhattan is most of the time boring with nothing to see. You will pass through the Queens neighborhoods of South Jamaica following by Kew Gardens to Flushing Meadows Corona Park. One of the city’s most iconic parks, and the site of two twentieth century World’s Fairs, Flushing Meadows Corona Park continues to draw and delight visitors. On your right hand side you will see two of the park’s lakes. Continuing you will go through Rego Park and Maspeth where you will go over the Calvary Cemetery. Calvary Cemetery has the largest number of interments of any cemetery in the United States; it is also one of the oldest cemeteries in the United States. From that point you will get your first view of the New York City skyline for few minutes before you enter the Queens Midtown Tunnel, where it will take you to Manhattan.

Sometimes the driver, depending on the destination, will prefer to take the Queensboro Bridge to cross to Manhattan. From the bridge you will have the opportunity to have a breath taking view and you’re your first New York City pictures. You will see the Empire State building as well as the United Nations on your left. Enjoy the view.!


One of the most common issues with the Share Ride providers is lost or forgotten items. Many times passengers are exited they reached their destination, are rushing out of the shuttle bus and forget items. In any case you need to contact the provider to file a complaint or reach out to the driver because you lost an item, you can call them at the following numbers.

GO Airlink (212) 812-9000 or (877) 599-8200
SuperShuttle (212) BLUE VAN or (800) 258-3826

If you book your reservation at the Welcome Center, It is a great idea to keep your reservation receipt that includes the provider’s phone number. If you made the reservation before your trip, you can check your confirmation that will have that information. In any case. The Airport Authority has also a number that you can call with any issues or questions regarding the share rides. That number is 800-AIR-RIDE.


To summarize, if you want to get a Shared Shuttle from JFK Airport to Manhattan, keep the following important key points in mind.

  • You can make a share ride reservation at the Welcome Center or online directly with the provider.
  • If you make the reservation at the Welcome Center, your price will be $21.78 to your Manhattan hotel.
  • You may have to wait about 30 minutes for your driver and the ride makes multiple stops.
  • Keep your receipt and contact the company with any issues with your trip.
  • You can call the Airport Authority at 800-AIR-RIDE to report any issues with the service.

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