About Us

I have been working in the John F Kennedy airport for more than 15 years. Throughout the years I have worked in different positions with the airport community. My first position was with an airline working as a counter clerk. There I was assisting passengers to check or rebook a flight when there was a problem. I liked my team but the job opportunity was repetitive. After few years I found myself not to be able to fulfill my duties because the daily routine took way my motivation.

I always loved to work in the customer care field helping passengers get to their destination. When I found the opportunity to work with the Customer Care program, I grabbed it. There you have the chance to assist passenger but the difference is that the range of questions and complexity is different.

People arrive in New York and one of major question is how to get from the JFK airport to Manhattan. Manhattan is the most popular destination and according to the Port Authority statistics is the top destination by volume. The answer is complex because it depends on many factors. For example number of passengers, the number of children traveling, any elder people all play an import part in answering the question.

After few months I became an expert. Some passenger prefer convenience, others prefer speed and others are cost conscious and prefer the cheapest option. Whatever is your preference, there is an option. After years working with the Customer Care program I have accumulated the knowledge to help passengers with proving the correct information. The airport community is an evolving organization and things change over time.

I decided to become part of this site and pass my knowledge and experience to traveling passengers just like you. I hope you will find this site helpful and getting the answer to your questions.

How do I get from JFK airport to Manhattan.